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Data Extraction

Data Extraction, Conversion and Enrichment

Report Trades on your Behalf

Report Trades on your Behalf

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Specialist Advisory and Consultation

TRAction’s pricing is always competitive and it’s even better when the services are of high quality. Download our pricing below.

Regimes/ServicesPricing download
ASIC Reporting - ORRS* clientsDownload
ASIC Reporting - Non-ORRS clientsDownload
MiFIR ReportingDownload
EMIR Reporting (Europe excluding UK)Download
UK EMIR Reporting Download
Best Execution MonitoringDownload
SFTR ReportingDownload
MAS ReportingDownload
Canada Trade ReportingDownload

*ORRS is available for reporting trades from Margin Forex and CFD brokers with primary business models providing OTC platforms trading in micro lots to retail clients for which a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is issued.

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A digital option is an instrument which allows traders to manually set the strike price and expiration date by taking a position with only two possible outcomes and a fixed payout. In order to profit, the price of a security must exceed the predetermined strike price.