EMIR Derivatives Trade Reporting Pricing Schedule

BasicPremium Assured
Standard CSV template
Database / API data extraction
Field mapping logic
Portal access
Product/symbols setup
Reportability analysis
TR Error correction
Reconciliation of TR vs Firm recordsAnnualQuarterly
Accuracy review reportAnnualQuarterly
Logic updates when regulations evolve
Delegated reporting (per LEI)£100NFC free, £100
per FC
NFC free, £50
per FC
LEI Management
1 included plus
1 per paid
1 included plus
1 per paid
CSV to XML conversion (Refit)
UPI registration and retrieval
Service Level Agreement (3 hour
response time, 24/5)
Best Execution Monitor
*includes month fee and 1000
transactions – see pricing structure
Monthly Account Fee^£600£1000£2000
Per message cost^£0.01£0.01£0.01
Message fee Cap*
(Pay no more after this many messages)

Note: All amounts are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and are exclusive of VAT
^Option to be billed in euro at the above costs converted using the current GBP/EUR exchange rate
*Cap ends at 10,000,000 trades and additional charges apply

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