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About Us

TRAction is a provider of regulatory trade reporting solutions to financial services businesses dealing in OTC derivatives and other financial products which require transaction reporting. TRAction acts as a third-party reporting service between regulators and financial firms by extracting information, processing and enriching the data to meet the input requirements and remitting the data to repositories and regulators on a daily basis.

Quinn Perrott – General Manager
With an extensive background in IT, Quinn started in the financial markets as IT Manager for City Index. He then went on to be co-founder and General Manager of AxiTrader, one of Australia’s largest Margin FX providers. Quinn’s knowledge of OTC derivatives and trading platforms has made him an important figure in the derivatives regulatory and industry reform space. Quinn has provided educational sessions to Australia’s regulatory bodies in relation to retail derivatives trading platforms. Quinn has also dealt with Treasury in Canberra, Australia to advise on and discuss the retail OTC derivatives industry.

Sophie Gerber – Director

Sophie Gerber Portraits_ cgleisner 2015 0347 Sophie has worked with some of Australia’s largest financial services organisations in compliance, legal and operational roles. She has also worked with small businesses to provide tailored solutions with a strong understanding of business practicalities as well as obligations to regulators. This strong understanding allows Sophie to effectively engage with not only large financial organisations but also with small businesses. Sophie has an in depth knowledge of compliance and legal obligations for financial services businesses having vast experience in the financial services sector. Sophie continually works with a range of companies in the financial services industry, including OTC derivatives brokers.

Martin Kloosterman – Head of Operations

Martin Kloosterman 2015 0360 Martin has over 17 years experience in the IT industry having all round IT experience focusing on sensitive large volume data in the areas of maintenance and operational support, development, testing and reporting. Martin has extensive experience in software development and maintenance as well as with associated aspects of databases such as hardware, connectivity and networks. Martin worked for one of Australia’s largest providers of Credit Card Loyalty and Incentive marketing services and expertise for over 15 years. Martin works on data extraction, conversion and enrichment for TRAction Fintech’s clients.


Justin Blake – Senior Developer

Justin has over 17 years experience in the IT Industry including almost a decade working in derivatives and foreign exchange. His competencies encompass a wide range of disciplines from software design and development to trading systems and analysis. Justin is a developer working with TRAction Fintech clients to assist them in establishing and maintaining methods of fulfilling their reporting requirements as smoothly as possible.


Nahid Tahmasebi – Developer

Nahid is a SQL Developer with over 5 years of experience in database development, database objects and business intelligence technologies.  She previously worked as the developer for a pharmaceutical distributor with multiple databases with large-scale data.  She is experienced in client requirement analysis, logical design, resource planning, testing, support and maintenance of business applications using the SQL server.  Nahid works on implementation and maintenance of data operations tasks with TRAction Fintech.


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