What platforms does TRAction integrate with?

Data Enrichment

Compliance Support

Reduce Costs

If you’re considering passing the burden of reporting over to a delegated third-party, like TRAction, you’re probably wondering, “Can they connect to our current trading platform?” At TRAction, we understand that delegating your reporting should relieve your stress not add to it, that’s why our team ensures we can integrate with as many platforms as possible.

So, what are TRAction’s reporting integrations?

TRAction has developed direct integration solutions to assist firms using:

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4);
  • MetaTrade 5 (MT5); and
  • cTrader.

Our team also handles the outputs of:

  • Currenex;
  • IRESS;
  • OneZero;
  • Enfusion; and
  • Market Pulse.

Even if your firm isn’t using one the above platforms, we still ensure seamless reporting. TRAction allows clients to report through either:

  1. a linked server connection to your platform or back office system (direct database connection); or
  2. a daily uploaded CSV file.

Additionally, TRAction partners with oneZero to streamline the pairing and matching of Unique Transaction Identifiers (UTI) reporting obligation under EMIR. Our partnership provides a bridge between platforms, such as MT4 and MT5, and hedging counterparties/liquidity providers (LPs) enabling the creation of a shared UTI between the counterparties to a trade.  

Transitioning to TRAction

With TRAction’s ability to integrate with whatever trading platform your firm is using makes the transition to TRAction is easy. Simplifying trade/transaction reporting is at the core of our business and it is our job to ensure you comply with your reporting obligations under EMIR, MiFIR/MiFID II, SFTR, ASIC, MAS, Canadian Reporting and Best Execution regimes. The three key ways in which we ensure compliance include:

  1. Data extraction, enrichment and conversion into the required format by the trade repository (TR) and/or approved reporting mechanism (ARM);
  2. We report trades on your behalf to both TRs and/or ARMs; and
  3. Our team provides consultation and advisory services to help clients understand their obligations and answer any questions our clients may have.

Ready to delegate the reporting burden? Contact us today, to start your transition to TRAction.