Service Details (EMIR & MiFIR)

Pricing ScheduleDescription
Standard CSV templateTRAction provides clients with a simple sample template that only needs to contain core trade details (e.g. MiFIR is a 65 field report and TRAction only requires a small amount of key data to build a successful MiFIR report).
Database / API data extractionTRAction can connect directly to your trading platform to automatically extract relevant trade details needed to build a full regulatory report across all relevant reporting regimes. This minimises errors associated with manually downloading and sending files each day.
Field mapping logicAs a part of the enrichment and conversion process, we provide field-by-field mapping of your trade data in order to pass all TR validations.
Portal accessWe provide you with access to our secure portal to upload and download trade files and confirmation files.
Product/symbols setupTRAction will create a customised library of symbols that you trade, which we store internally for any future use.
Reportability analysisTRAction provide a field-by-field detailed analysis of your trade files. We have internal validations and technology that filter which trades/instruments are reportable under the relevant regime.
TR Error correctionTRAction will correct any errors on behalf of the client. We don’t provide confirmation files with errors, we use our internal platform to reduce any errors from happening, however, these are minimal due to the onboarding stage.
Reconciliation of TR vs Firm records
TRAction specialise in consolidating dissimilar data sets. Our team of experts in financial products, compliance/legal and IT, we aim to simplify the process for our clients. Our services include comparison and tracking of open positions, ensuring compliance between your trades and records.
Accuracy review report
TRAction will review the reporting carried out for you and prepare a report to highlight where there are concerns that the information we are receiving to generate your reporting or instructions previously received about the nature of your transactions may be incorrect.
Logic updates when regulations evolveAny regulation updates are looked after as part of the package when you are a TRAction client. EMIR Refit? No problem – we will work to make sure you are ready in time.
Delegated reporting (per LEI)
TRAction provides delegated reporting where you have offered to complete the reporting on behalf of your clients. We can also provide a separate access to our secure portal for your delegated clients (and appropriately filtered reports) so they can see what you have reported on their behalf.
LEI Management
TRAction will maintain the LEI for your firm. We can also assist your delegated clients to maintain their LEI if they would like us to, helping to minimise reporting errors associated with expired LEIs.
CSV to XML conversion (Refit)
As part of EMIR Refit, when you become a TRAction client we will provide enrichment and conversion on your CSV files. Saving internal cost on your trade capture systems along with no needing staff who can read or produce XML.
UPI registration and retrieval
The Unique Product Identifier (UPI) is a new field and a component of the common data elements (CDE) which will apply for EMIR Refit, UK EMIR Refit, ASIC and MAS rewrite. As part of our connection into ANNA DSB, TRAction will ensure UPIs are reported consistently and accurately.
Service Level Agreement (3 hour response time, 24/5)TRAction are available to provide support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) and will provide a response to support requests within 3 hours of receiving them.
Best Execution Monitor *includes month fee and 1000 transactions – see pricing structureTRAction has developed a Best Execution Monitor to help our clients monitor their compliance with this requirement. Our Best Execution Monitor is an award-winning smart system which collects, analyses and compares your transaction data against market data to identify where the execution received by clients is outside of your execution parameters.