Meet the Team: Sophie

We’re back with another instalment of our Meet the Team Series. This week we bring you the woman who completes the duo that started it all…

Sophie Gerber!

If we had to describe Sophie in a few words, we would say she is:

  • loyal;
  • tenacious; and
  • compassionate.

What prompted you to start TRAction with Quinn?

“The other business that I run, Sophie Grace, had a number of Australian clients who were asking for help getting to get themselves set up and operating with the new reporting requirements that were being implemented by ASIC. I turned to Quinn as I knew he was the best person to help. It has certainly ended up a much bigger enterprise than I would have anticipated if you asked me 7 years ago when we started”, says Sophie.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your role?

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot involved in a typical day for the business savvy woman, she explains, “I get to do lots of different things – sales, customer service, legals, finance, marketing, HR – there’s lots of things to get done each day. Balancing which to do first can feel overwhelming at times.”

“We also have a diverse group of staff which keeps it interesting. Even with a head office in Sydney, until recently there was only one other person on our team (besides myself) born and raised in Australia. So, when we talk about ‘Coolabah trees’ thinking everyone will know because of the Waltzing Matilda song, they don’t. However, we also get to learn about things from other cultures that I would otherwise never have found out – such as Iran having a different new year to us, how to say ‘sparkasse’ correctly (I have failed at this) and that not everyone knows how to say ‘Vanuatu’…”, Sophie adds.

Away from the office…

Often, Sophie will try to do a bit of exercise, see friends, read books and go shopping when she’s not in the office. She elaborates, “Now that Covid restrictions have eased, I’m trying to plan trips with friends to some interesting locations. I’m looking forward to some beach time and then skiing later in the year. As many people will know, I enjoy getting around places on an electric scooter or segue if the opportunity arises!”

If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, Sophie would…

“I think there’s different places for different things. I like to go to places for the experience and the company of friends and family.” 

Sophie reveals, “One time I took a ferry from Malta to Sicily to meet up with a friend. Recently, she read a travel book which included her taking a ferry from Germany to Scandinavia. If I can find a way not to take flights within Europe, I will avoid it if I have the time.”

Her post-covid plans involve visiting some countries on the Mediterranean and taking some obscure looking ferries such as Italy to Albania; Spain to Morocco; Italy to Corsica, and long train-trips.

Fun facts about Sophie…

Playing the piano is one of Sophie’s many skills! She goes on to mention, “I have a baby grand piano at home which I disturb my neighbours with by playing sometimes”. Although, we’re sure her neighbours don’t mind.

To wrap up, what is Sophie’s favourite quote and/or advice?

“I couldn’t narrow it down, but I do talk to a lot of people as well as read a lot of biographies and try to absorb some lessons from all of those, particularly whether something is a do-this or avoid-this” explains Sophie.

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