Meet the Team: Russell

A new week means, a new TRAction team member to meet. Today, we introduce you to our Relationship Manager…

Russell Nethercot!

If we had to describe Russell in a couple of words, we would say he is:

  • chipper
  • dapper

How did Russell find himself at TRAction?

Russell saw TRAction as a “good opportunity to work for a business that has the potential for growth”.  He also enjoys “the bright lights of London and problem solving” having 15 years’ experience in the exchange-traded and over-the-counter derivatives markets, and has worked for some of the biggest investment organisations in London. Russell is looking forward to getting back to our office in the City of London soon

Some of Russell’s responsibilities…

“Diversity” says Russell, before adding “I love that you can get involved in many different aspects of the business whether it’s sales, the end-to-end reporting and onboarding of new clients.”

Away from the office…

With two kids, he is naturally “normally running around chasing them” and spending time with family and friends when away from the office. Russell also loves football and boxing.

If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, Russell would…

“Tough one…” says Russell, “Vegas is the best place I’ve been!”

After much deliberation, we think his choice of “Barbados” is not such a bad pick!

Fun facts about Russell…

Russell played football in an international friendly against Gibraltar.

To wrap up, what is Russell’s favourite quote and/or advice?

“Today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper” or anything from Frank Sinatra’s classic – “That’s Life”.

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