Europe (EMIR / MiFIR)

European Trade and Transaction Reporting Requirements

EMIR vs MiFIR – What’s the difference?

The difference between EMIR and MiFIR

Key issues under EMIR and MiFIR

TRAction has pointed out some of the key issues that investment firms need to be aware of under EMIR and MiFIR, so that you can stay compliant with the trade/transaction reporting requirements.

To find out more about EMIR – click here.

To find out more about MiFIR – click here.

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Extra-territorial obligations

Brokers that deal in the Israeli Shekel derivative have reporting obligations to the Bank of Israel. All non-Israeli firms who hold a position above the threshold (USD15m in aggregate gross notional) are required to report all OTC Derivative on Shekel FX and rates.

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Delegated Reporting – How can we help you?

TRAction provides clients with delegated reporting solutions in accordance with the reporting requirements outlined above.

Our clients can also conduct regular check of our service quality. Visit our Regular Quality Checks page to find out how you can be assured that we are doing a great job for you.

Transitioning to new EMIR & MiFIR Reporting

In the midst of an unprecedented global crisis, CME Group has announced its closure of most of its regulatory reporting services including NEX Regulatory Reporting and the CME European Trade Repository by 30 November 2020. We understand the stress and inconvenience this may bring to CME’s existing clients in terms of switching to another TR, ARM or reporting delegate.

If you are currently a client of the CME’s regulatory reporting entities, TRAction is here to help you and ensure a smooth transition of reporting services on or before 30 November 2020. Click here to find out more.

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