Unique Product Identifiers – ANNA DSB & the UPI

The Unique Product Identifier (UPI) is a new field and a component of the common data elements (CDE) which will apply for EMIR Refit, UK EMIR Refit, ASIC and MAS rewrite.

TRAction explores how new UPIs are submitted and how current UPIs are extracted from the Derivatives Service Bureau (ANNA DSB), the only service provider for UPI. The UPIs from the UPI Reference Data Library are managed and shared by ANNA DSB in a similar manner to ISINs.

When will the UPIs become available?

UPIs are currently available in ANNA DSB’s User Acceptance Test (UAT) system. ANNA DSB has commenced onboarding users who are interested to register for access to their platform through the client onboarding system. The production system will be available from the 16 October 2023, allowing users to create, search and report UPIs.

Do you need an account with ANNA DSB?

Users can create a profile to manage their UPI subscription and connectivity options for access to search and/or create UPIs. There are several user types available for access to the UPI Reference Data Library which can be found on the ANNA DSB website along with the relevant fees.  With free access to the UPI Reference Data Library, ANNA DSB allows delayed downloads of UPI data 48 hours after the UPI is registered in the database. This user type does not allow for the submission or creation new UPIs.

How do you register with ANNA DSB?

ANNA DSB has an online platform that allows users to onboard to the UPI service and manage their UPI subscription. The DSB requires users to provide an active LEI to enable the DSB to verify the identity of the user on GLEIF. Entities who do not already have an active LEI are encouraged to prepare in advance.

How do you obtain a registered UPI?

There are a few methods of obtaining information from ANNA DSB such as:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) (manual)
  • Programmatic Interface (FIX API, ReST API)
  • File Download (periodic publication of UPI records)

Technical information and documents can be found on ANNA DSB’s website

How TRAction can help?

TRAction, as a third-party service provider, assists our clients to ensure UPIs are reported consistently and accurately by extracting data directly from ANNA DSB. Should you need further clarification on how UPIs will affect reporting requirements, please get in touch with us.

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