Best Execution Monitoring Services

In light of the best execution requirements under MiFID II and potential implementation of similar requirements in other jurisdictions, TRAction developed a Best Execution Monitor and services to help our clients comply.  The overarching best execution obligation requires investment firms to take all sufficient steps to obtain, when executing orders, the best possible result for their clients taking into account price, costs, speed, likelihood of execution and settlement, size, nature and any other consideration relevant to the execution of the order.

Our Best Execution Monitor is a smart system which collects, analyses and compares your transaction data against market data to identify where the execution received by clients is outside of your execution parameters. We also anticipate that similar requirements will be rolled out to other jurisdictions such as Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2020 and beyond.

How does TRAction’s Best Execution Monitor work?
  • Transaction data is submitted to TRAction either by file or through an API or data connection;
  • The monitor displays statistics about the quality and pricing of execution by comparing against the market data from the one-minute high and low for the relevant time the trades were executed;
  • A specific transaction can be analysed by typing in a UTI or deal number;
  • All trades will be required to be monitored, not just those that are Traded on a Trading Venue (ToTV) or required under MiFIR transaction reporting rules; and
  • All trades are monitored in a single platform (including those that are not ToTV or reported under MiFIR transaction reporting rules) so that investment firms can implement a holistic execution policy.

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Signup benefits – Complimentary RTS 27 and 28 assistance

Under MiFID II, investment firms (IFs) are required to publish their RTS 27 quarterly and RTS 28 annually. It’s quite well known that the preparation of the RTS 27 report can be difficult. Many IFs have struggled and sought our assistance. We provide complimentary assistance with preparing these reports if you sign up for our best execution monitoring services.

How much does it cost?

We charge a combination of account management fee and cost per transaction/position.

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