MiFIR Transaction Reporting Pricing Schedule

BasicPremium Assured
Standard CSV template
Database /API data extraction
Field mapping logic
Portal access
Symbols setup
Reportability analysis
ARM Error correction
Reconciliation of ARM vs Firm records AnnualQuarterly
Reconciliation of NCA vs Firm records AnnualQuarterly
Logic updates when regulations change
Delegated reporting (per LEI)£200£200£100
LEI Management1 included1 included
Service Level Agreement (3 hour
response time, 24/5)
Best Execution Monitor
*includes month’s fee and 1000
transactions – see pricing structure
Monthly Account Fee £600£1000£2000
Per message cost£0.02£0.02£0.015p

Note: All amounts are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and are exclusive of VAT 

*Option to be billed in euro at the above costs converted using the current GBP/EUR exchange rate

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