How Do Public Holidays and Bank Holidays Impact Trade Reporting?

Public holidays and bank holidays can have a major impact on trade and transaction reporting requirements; especially if you are an entity operating under multiple regimes.  

When there is a public holiday where the regulatory body (or regulated entity) is located, it is likely that the timing of report submissions will be extended commensurately.


Unpaired EMIR Reports – The Need to Share a UTI

With EMIR Refit around the corner, regulators are increasingly turning their attention to the accuracy of transaction reporting by firms in their purview. We have recently seen CySEC making enquiries to investment firms about pairing and matching discrepancies that have been identified in their EMIR reports.

UTI Matching with oneZero

UTI Matching through oneZero

Under EMIR, the information stemming from the dual-sided reporting obligation must be reconciled via the pairing and matching of both legs of the derivative trade by trade repositories.


ESMA Data Quality Report – Improving Valuation Reporting

The ESMA 2022 Report on Quality and Use of Transaction Data is a study conducted by the regulatory authority to assess the quality and utilisation of transaction data across the European Union (EU). The report analyses various aspects of transaction data, including missing valuations, which are an important component of accurate and reliable market analysis. One trend highlighted is that the number of reports with missing valuations is declining. This is something that ESMA have been targeting for years, as the valuations give the regulator a much better picture of the overall systematic risk by having a better understanding of the aggregate exposure being held in the OTC marketplace.