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TRAction provides a leading regulatory trade and transaction reporting solutions to financial firms across Europe, Asia Pacific and Canada. As a result of their dedication to simplifying reporting processes and expertise in providing sophisticated solutions that cater to the needs of regulated entities, TRAction has been awarded the “Outstanding Regulatory Reporting Solution” award from FinanceFeeds.

The award celebrates the exceptional contributions of technology vendors in the finance sector, and TRAction’s technological prowess and innovation set it apart from its competitors. With the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, TRAction has proven its ability to adapt and meet the demands for more detailed data, navigate complex regulations and deliver modern, forward-thinking technology solutions.

By automating various aspects of regulatory reporting, TRAction’s platform empowers financial institutions to efficiently manage their reporting obligations. By delegating reporting to TRAction, clients gain a competitive advantage. The company handles all the complex onboarding work with the TR/ARM, allowing their clients to discharge their reporting obligations smoothly. They are charged the same fees as if they were reporting directly to a repository, without incurring additional costs for developing necessary integrations. As subject matter experts, they offer constructive guidance on regulatory requirements and implement them seamlessly for their clients. 

TRAction’s recognition with the “Outstanding Regulatory Reporting Solution” award from FinanceFeeds reflects their unwavering dedication to excellence in regulatory technology services. With a robust global presence and a forward-thinking approach, TRAction is set to shape the future of regulatory reporting, ensuring that compliance remains a seamless and efficient process for their clients.

Established in Australia eight years ago by Sophie Gerber and Quinn Perrott, TRAction has been on a remarkable journey of growth. The company quickly earned a reputation for its expertise in regulatory trade and transaction reporting, leading to its swift expansion to the European markets in 2016. Today, TRAction has solidified its global presence with offices in key financial hubs such as London, Sydney, Cyprus and Singapore.

Diverse support across regulatory regimes

TRAction serves as a delegated service provider, bridging the gap between regulated financial firms and licensed Trade Repositories (TR) and/or Approved Reporting Mechanisms (ARM). This intermediary role places TRAction at the forefront of regulatory reporting solutions, simplifying clients’ reporting processes with a strong focus on research and development (R&D) and innovation.

TRAction’s expertise in regulatory reporting extends to a wide range of jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks. The company currently supports clients reporting under EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation), MiFID II/MiFIR (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II/Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation), SFTR (Securities Financing Transactions Regulation), ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore), Canada, and Best Execution for MiFID II and MAS.

TRAction provides support for financial firms, brokers, investment managers, banks, and electricity suppliers in fulfilling their reporting obligations and processes millions of reportable transactions with in-house solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Quote from TRAction: 

“Winning the FinanceFeeds Award for Outstanding Regulatory Reporting Solution validates our commitment to excellence and innovation in the financial and regulatory technology sector. At TRAction, we take pride in our high-caliber team, which includes experts in IT and regulatory reporting. Through our expanding range of direct integration solutions, TRAction is prioritisingdata extraction from commonly used trading platforms which is as seamless as possible, minimising risks associated with manual intervention. This approach provides our clients with peace of mind and reduces the burden that often accompanies reporting obligations. As we continue to build our global presence, we are also continuing to add further depth to our existing business lines as well as expand to further reporting regimes required by our clients.”

Quote from FinanceFeeds Awards: 

“TRAction has demonstrated dedication and ingenuity in providing top-notch regulatory reporting solutions. Their commitment to continuous improvement and client-centric focus has earned them the well-deserved accolade as the Outstanding Regulatory Reporting Solution. We congratulate TRAction on their exceptional contributions to the industry.”

About TRAction:

TRAction is a leading reporting solution that addresses the complexities of trade reporting and streamlines the process for the global regulatory reporting obligations imposed on financial firms. TRAction offers tailored solutions to meet the diverse and constantly evolving challenges of global reporting requirements in the financial industry.

TRAction’s ability to integrate with multiple trading platforms and accommodate different reporting formats and standards across various jurisdictions, makes it a reliable and comprehensive choice for financial entities operating in multiple markets. 

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