Introducing TRAction’s New EMIR and MiFIR Assessment Tools!

EMIR & MiFIR Assessment Tools

Are you unsure if you have EMIR and/or MiFIR reporting obligations or whether you are reporting completely and correctly?

At TRAction, we know that understanding your reporting obligations can be complicated and quickly become unwieldy if you are required to comply with multiple regimes.

The team at TRAction have developed two assessment tools to help you determine EMIR/MiFIR reportability for your products and activities. Simply answer a few questions about your business and the financial products in which you deal to find out your reporting obligations. Upon completion, your results will be emailed directly to your inbox. You can access the tools at the links below:

Knowing what you need to report under EMIR and/or MiFIR is one part of the reporting journey; ensuring the accuracy of your trade data is another. That is why our team has provided guidance on how to avoid and rectify the most common errors we see in EMIR and MiFIR trade/transaction data. To avoid unnecessary errors or inconsistencies in your data, we recommend reading:

Still feeling overwhelmed by your reporting obligations? Why not consider reducing the burden on your compliance teams and internal resources by delegating your reporting to TRAction? We have summarised the key areas in which delegated reporting can benefit and maximise the effectiveness of your team:

If you would like to discuss your results or are considering delegating your trade reporting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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