TRAction & Duco: Enhanced Data Solutions, Trade Reporting

TRAction has partnered with Duco, the AI platform for enterprise data automation, to provide its clients with reconciliation services.

As part of TRAction’s updated service offerings which commenced in 2024, clients on EMIR and MiFIR Premium and Assured plans will receive reconciliations as part of their service. This will involve a three-way reconciliation which compares a client’s reported trade data (under EMIR or MiFIR), i.e. what was submitted to the Trade Repository (TR) against the data actually held in the trade repository and finally against what is held by the client.

Through utilising third party software for this process, clients will have confidence that there is a distinction between TRAction as the delegated reporting provider and the reconciliation process. This will be done using Duco’s specialist data automation platform.

TRAction supports clients reporting under EMIR, MiFID II/MiFIR, SFTR, ASIC, MAS, Canada and Best Execution for MiFID II and MAS, as well as the new upcoming requirements for EMIR Refit and both the ASIC and MAS rewrites.

Quinn Perrott, co-CEO, TRAction, commented:

“This collaboration enhances our data solutions, aligning with our commitment to simplify trade reporting and streamlining processes for clients. The partnership with Duco will assure our clients of the distinction between TRAction as the reporting provider and the reconciliation process.”

James Maxfield, Chief Product Officer, Duco, commented:

“Duco is looking forward to using our expertise and technology to elevate TRAction’s data reconciliation process. Our platform is designed to empower finance and operations teams to automate their mission-critical data processes by leveraging AI and a true self-service model. It will enable TRAction customers to manage the cost and complexity of vital regulatory reporting controls like EMIR Refit.”

We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Duco.

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