EMIR REFIT Live Now: 29 April 2024

EMIR REFIT, the highly anticipated revision of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) derivative transaction reporting rules, has now come into effect for firms in the European Union.  

Celebrating Our Team Success: Reporting Under EMIR REFIT

At TRAction, we proudly announce that we have successfully reported our clients’ trades under EMIR Refit in the live Trade Repository (TR). This achievement was made possible through the collective effort of our dedicated team, ensuring seamless implementation of the regulatory changes.

We sincerely thank our esteemed partners, including the London Stock Exchange Group (Regulatory Reporting division), Duco, and the ANNA Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB), and our European clients with EMIR reporting obligations.

The Changes EMIR REFIT Brings

With the new EU EMIR Refit rules now live, it is imperative to grasp the significant changes that are reshaping the regulatory landscape. From adopting ISO20022 XML reporting to aligning Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) standards with CPMI-IOSCO guidelines, these reforms are designed to elevate data quality and foster global harmonization. 

TRAction remains steadfast in our commitment to providing clarity and support amidst these regulatory shifts, ensuring our clients’ seamless compliance.

To review the changes the EMIR Refit brings and gain a strong understanding of the implications, we invite you to explore our detailed article and video: EU EMIR Refit Starts 29 April 2024 – Top 6 Changes You Need to Know. Gain insights into how these reforms impact your reporting obligations and confidently discover strategies for navigating the evolving regulatory environment.

Navigating Compliance: How TRAction Can Help

TRAction is committed to providing clarity and support amidst these regulatory shifts, ensuring seamless compliance for our clients. If you require guidance on EMIR Refit compliance for the EU or UK, please contact us.  Together, we can navigate the intricacies of EMIR Refit and ensure compliance in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

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