RTS27 and 28

RTS 27 and 28 – The 2023 Status of These Reports in UK and EU

With the separation of EU and UK requirements and the beginning of divergence, determining whether your firm needs to complete RTS 27 and 28 reports can be very confusing.  We summarise the current status of each report across both regimes.


Reminder: Daylight Saving Time for New York Started Yesterday

Are you reporting trades by New York (NY) time or following NY close of business? If so, it is important to check your trades/transactions are still reported at the correct time now that daylight saving time (DST) has started in the US (13 March 2022).


LEI Requirements

There are certain fields within EMIR, MiFIR and SFTR which require populating with an LEI or specifically ‘ISO 17442 Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) 20 alphanumerical character code’


How Do Public Holidays and Bank Holidays Impact Trade Reporting?

Public holidays and bank holidays can have a major impact on trade and transaction reporting requirements; especially if you are an entity operating under multiple regimes.  

When there is a public holiday where the regulatory body (or regulated entity) is located, it is likely that the timing of report submissions will be extended commensurately.