Are Cryptocurrency Contracts for Difference (CFDs) reportable under EMIR and MiFIR?

Is Crypto Trading Reportable Under EMIR and MiFIR?

There remains a lack of clarity as to whether cryptocurrency derivatives (‘cryptos’) should be treated as financial instruments and therefore subject to ESMA’s derivative reporting rules and reported to a TR/ARM.

Football player

Are Football Player CFDs reportable?

Football enthusiasts can now trade football-based contracts for difference (CFDs), turning passion into profit, but what are the regulatory implications for brokers offering these products to their clients?

3 Common EMIR Errors

The 3 Most Common EMIR Reporting Errors

We’ve identified the 3 most common errors in the data we receive from our clients: NonReportingPartyCountry field populated with invalid country code, UTI reused for a new trade and invalid LEIs used.

Ultimate Guide to Transaction Reporting in Europe

Update: the all-new Ultimate Guide to Transaction Reporting in Europe is here

TRAction is pleased to introduce the updated Ultimate Guide to Transaction Reporting in Europe. The team at TRAction have refreshed our well-known guide for those reporting under EMIR and MiFIR/MiFID II in both the UK and Europe. In our latest version of the guide, we have taken into account recent regulatory changes including where to report your trades post-Brexit.

UTI Matching with oneZero

UTI Matching through oneZero

Under EMIR, the information stemming from the dual-sided reporting obligation must be reconciled via the pairing and matching of both legs of the derivative trade by trade repositories.