We are back with our Meet the Team Series and this week we’re introducing you to one of our Developers, the lovely …

Nahid Tahmasebi!

If we had to describe Nahid in a few words, we would say she is:

  • honest
  • imaginative
  • reliable
Nahid Tahmasebi

How did Nahid find herself at TRAction?

Nahid explains “getting to know more about finance has always been a point of interest for me”. She adds “I have always enjoyed working with data and being able to solve different problems”. Naturally, she found herself at TRAction.

Some of Nahid’s responsibilities…

Assisting with the onboarding of new clients and ensuring they are prepared for the reporting and submission of data to the relevant trade repository, as well as completing updates required for existing clients are Nahid’s main responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. She also maintains and improves aspects of TRAction’s reporting systems. 

What are the most enjoyable aspects of Nahid’s role?

“The good team atmosphere and the nice, fun colleagues who are always ready to help you improve your knowledge”, exclaims Nahid.

Nahid Tahmasebi

Away from the office…

Every Friday night is a movie night almost for Nahid and she enjoys a big breakfast on Saturday! You can also find her “going to shopping malls, dancing and talking to her family over the phone” when away from the office.  

If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, Nahid would…

“Canada – I have always wanted to visit Canada and its beauties, especially Niagara Falls”, Nahid tells us. We hope the beauty of travel itself will be accessible to Nahid and the rest of us soon! 

Nahid Tahmasebi

Fun facts about Nahid…

“I used to be afraid of dogs! Interestingly enough I have drastically changed, and I am now a big dog lover such that we are thinking to adopt one!” she explains. We’re excited for the endless dog photos to come.

To wrap up, what is Nahid’s favourite quote and/or advice?

In true Friday fashion, Nahid gives an inspiring quote to keep us motivated as the working week comes to an end, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”