This week we’re excited to introduce you to our Regulatory Reporting Manager…

Emma Ladlow!

If we had to describe Emma in a few words, we would say she is:

  • happy
  • hungry
  • squirrelly
Meet the Team: Emma Ladlow

Why did Emma choose to work at TRAction?

The company and its product are aligned closely to my skills and fun transaction reporting knowledge. I was also attracted the opportunity to grow with the company”, says Emma.

Some of Emma’s responsibilities…

Emma helps to manage the TRAction team, handles client relations and is responsible for supervising the client onboarding process to ensure clients are onboarded effectively and successfully.

Meet the Team: Emma Ladlow

What are the most enjoyable aspects of Emma’s role?

We’re glad to hear Emma say, “I enjoy working with the team here”, as we enjoy working with her. She also likes being able to “speak to clients and meet new people”.

Away from the office…

There’s just a few hobbies that Emma engages in outside of the office… “surfing, scuba diving, beach volleyball, bachata dancing with Angela, tag rugby, free diving, hiking, camping, making friends with humans and animals, and looking at space and learning about the universe.

Meet the Team: Emma Ladlow

If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, Emma would…

Everywhere, is that allowed?”, asks Emma. Knowing that her list of places to visit will be as long as her list of hobbies – “everywhere” is a sufficient answer in our books.

Fun facts about Emma…

 “I’m a newly qualified scuba dive instructor, if anyone wants to go scuba diving – let me know!” Emma exclaims.

To wrap up, what is Emma’s favourite quote and/or advice?

Meet the Team: Emma Ladlow

Her favourite quote is from The Little Mermaid’s infamous Sebastian the crab, “Under da sea, darling it’s better down where it’s where wetter, take it from me!