The global regulatory landscape is varied and regulators have a host of different requirements applying to financial services.
We’ve summarised and compared the requirements of sixteen financial services regulators around the world – check out our infographic below.
The key requirements considered are:
  • – Is margin forex allowed?
  • – Are CFDs allowed?
  • – Are there any leverage restrictions?
  • – What are the client qualification requirements?
  • – What is the minimum capital?
  • – Is trade reporting required?
  • – Is funds protection offered?
Download the infographic here or view below: TRAction Fintech – July 2018 – Global Regulation Infographic


Quinn Perrott

Quinn is co-CEO and founder of TRAction focuses on assisting clients in Europe, Asia and Australia to meet their regulatory requirements with trade and transaction reporting solutions as well as development of the best execution platform. With a background in IT, Quinn started in the financial markets as IT Manager for City Index. He then co-founded and worked as a General Manager at one of Australia’s largest margin FX and CFD providers. Quinn has provided educational sessions to Australia’s regulatory bodies in relation to operational aspects of derivatives and trading platforms.