Meet the Team: Haydon Mould


In this week’s Meet the Team Series we are delighted introduce you to our Trade Reporting Officer…

Haydon Mould!

If we had to describe Haydon in a few words, we would say he is:

  • outgoing
  • positive
  • enthusiastic

How did Haydon find himself at TRAction?

“I thought that it would be a great opportunity to work within a fast-paced young Fintech company where you get to work across all areas of the business and develop a broad range of skills”, explains Haydon.

Some of Haydon’s responsibilities…

Haydon’s role involves the daily data processing for all Australian clients by way of data enrichment and conversion. He also handles communications with our clients to ensure the submission of data is a smooth process.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of Haydon’s role?

“I like being able to work across different areas of the business and how much of a tight-knit team there is within the company”, says Haydon. And, we’re pleased Haydon made the decision to join our tight-knit team in late 2019.

Away from the office…

Outside of the office you’ll more than likely find Haydon doing something active. He loves to play football, run and go to the gym in his spare time.

If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, Haydon would…

We’re not really surprised when Haydon informs us that he would like to travel to “Tajikistan to climb Lenin Peak.” Of course, he’d travel somewhere to be more active than he already is.

Fun facts about Haydon…

“Mountaineering is a hobby of mine. One day I’d love to climb all of the seven summits.”, says Haydon.

To wrap up, what is Haydon’s favourite quote and/or advice?

As one of our two Spanish language learners in the office, Haydon’s favourite quote is “Tu casa es mi casa.”

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