Meet the Team: Atria


A new week, a new team member – our newest team member in fact. Introducing you to our Operations Assistant…

Atria Ong!

If we had to describe Atria in a few words, we would say she is:

  • optimistic
  • creative
  • straight-forward

Why did Atria choose to work at TRAction?

Atria wanted to work “with a team of nice friendly people, and a company that has high potential growth.” We are very happy that these are the reasons contributing to Atria’s decision to work at TRAction.

Atria has worked in the RegTech industry for the past two years and has fallen in love with the industry for its potential to advance in the fintech world.

Some of Atria’s responsibilities…

Onboarding new customers and ensuring they are completely ready for Go-Live is Atria’s core responsibility.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of Atria’s role?

Atria explains, “catching up with the regulation feels like a daily task sometimes but I find it fun. I look forward to contributing to the company’s growth and progress over time.”

Away from the office…

Atria is extremely active.  She enjoys swimming, hiking and dragon boat paddling. She impressively races with her dragon boat team in international races.

If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, Atria would…

Atria responds, “Faroe Islands is a beauty!” and we’d have to agree with Atria on this one.

Fun facts about Atria…

“I just started pottery lessons to hopefully make a few beautiful and unique pots for my plants”, she tells us. We are sure they’ll be beautiful!

To wrap up, what is Atria’s favourite quote and/or advice?

Atria provides a quote from none other than billionaire, Bill Gates, “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

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