Specialist Advisory and Consultation

Advisory and ConsultationThe benefit of reporting through TRAction Fintech is that we make it a whole lot easier and more cost efficient than devoting your internal compliance, legal and management resources (or in some cases external compliance and legal resources) to dealing with the trade reporting obligations.  Understanding the legislation is the first step, and then applying them to your business creates an added layer of difficulty, especially as the principles agreed by the G20 are slowly rolled out, tested and refined around the world.

Through the industry experience of TRAction Fintech’s principals and the knowledge gathered engaging with regulators, trade repositories and the forex, CFD and binary options industries, TRAction Fintech is well-placed to help you navigate the complexities of complying with the ASIC trade reporting rules.

Trade Data Extraction, Conversion and Enrichment

Our solution covers the most commonly used trading platforms as well as platforms which have been self-developed or customised by the broker. Read More

Reporting Trades On Your Behalf

TRAction Fintech will do all of the necessary and complicated on boarding and uploading to a Licensed Australian Derivative Trade Repository (ADTR) required under trade reporting obligations. Read More

Costs of TRAction Services

TRAction services come at the same cost you would otherwise pay if you went direct to a trade repository (an Australian Derivative Trade Repository (ADTR)) with lots of added inclusions. Read More